Stark Business's High Tech Business Technology group marries our management consulting approach with in-depth IT expertise to provide internal technology teams with customized, objective technology strategy and consulting services. We work closely with high-tech technology clients who have high expectations to deploy technology quickly and effectively.




Our cross-sector perspective, combined with proven analytical skills, helps clients tackle essential issues. These include: identifying micromarket and microsegment sales opportunities; developing customer insight; understanding end customers' buying factors and pricing sensitivities; and designing targeted marketing strategies to increase conversion.


Stark Business's Operations experts help high-tech companies remove inefficiencies and costs from all stages of the production cycle to improve profitability and better match demand and supply. We provide high-tech clients with unique expertise, diagnostics, and models that help identify and rationalize operational investments to improve margins and process efficiency. We provide direct support to client process teams to enhance and deepen the capabilities that will deliver sustainable, significant value for their own organizations, their business partners, and their customers.




We work with high-tech companies to identify where and, more importantly, how they should compete in a landscape marked by a series of critical challenges—uncertain revenue growth, broadening customer and supplier bases, potential regulatory intervention—as well as the ongoing needs to both reduce operational costs and increase company agility and productivity.

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