Our mission is to help you develop your business
so you can change the world.


STARK Business is an innovative Moroccan company and offers a dynamic work environment with Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation as main core values.
Our company is specialized in both of IT and Logistics sectors, besides it provides creative solutions for industrial companies from all over the world using high technologies and marketing solutions.

We support some of Moroccan’s most well-known and active retail brands.

They choose to work with us because we can plug into their existing teams OR manage every aspect of IT.  We can cover the range of opening hours, timezones and fluctuating support volumes typical of the Retail environment more efficiently and with guaranteed performance levels.  All from a Moroccan-based support team.


Our work for manufacturing companies like yours has firmly educated us on the importance of reliability in your industry. 

Your servers need to be available.  Your desktop hardware and phone system need to be free from impediments.  Your voice and data links need to be uninterruptible.

And your service desk needs to be fast and helpful.

We’ve faced and conquered just about every challenge you could think of in IT for Manufacturers.  We have added all those learnings to our in-house knowledge repository and now we’re ready to serve your company.


Bulletproof networks

Few industries that we work in have as much reliance on their IT as Transport and Logistics.  The interconnection of multiple different yet reliant systems means that when one goes down, the knock-on effect can bring an entire company to a stop.

That’s why we develop bulletproof networks.

We design and build high availability, self-healing voice and data networks that combine multiple data centres in different cities, multiple connectivity paths and multiple vendors into virtually unbreakable structures, to ensure you’re never offline.

Then we support those networks, phone systems, desktop fleets etc from our Brisbane-based service desk and we have boots on the ground in every major Australian city for when an issue requires an on-site visit to achieve resolution.

Our networks have survived fibre cables being cut by accident, attacks on major telcos that have taken them offline, and (very) inclement weather.


Enjoy smooth operations

Often, when we talk to professional services companies who have had computer support in the past, they have some horror stories about being left high and dry by their support team at critical times. Very often, they find they’re paying for support they’re not receiving.

It’s not unusual to find that the nearest person with a modicum of IT knowledge (even if it’s the front desk receptionist) has become the de facto IT resource and is suddenly dealing with walk-up help requests from all over the firm.

Thanks to that fact, there’s a tendency to think that IT support cannot be shifted offsite and still be effective.

But that’s only because you’ve dealt with poor service in the past.

Our clients enjoy smooth operations, one-call or one-email resolution to issues and close.

Our aim is to use high technologies in order to serve the industrial field and to encourage competitiveness as well.